Listening to the Community

Creek Consulting was hired by the Vote Yes for 5C Campaign to provide deliberative outreach and connect with voters. Downtown Loveland, CO was in the midst of an ongoing effort to provide funding for downtown improvement; however, both in 2015 and 2016 their efforts failed at the ballot. Creek Consulting was brought in to engage with community members and collect data regarding the upcoming election. During outreach, we discovered that the community felt like they didn't have a say and they weren't being heard. In order to address this, Creek Consulting worked to establish trust with as many voters in the district as possible. By using a deliberative mindset to actively reach out to its constituents, Creek Consulting helped the campaign connect with the voters, and ultimately the campaign won at the ballot during the 2017 election.

This mindset lets you connect with any group. To learn more about deliberative campaign engagement, contact us