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Logan Steppan, Founder and CEO

A master strategist and expert facilitator, Logan Steppan —founder and CEO of Creek Consulting— developed his skills while studying at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. An Ozark born Missourian with entrepreneurial roots, Logan’s passion for facilitation has long been connected to government, community and policy conversations at state, local and national levels. Armed with a dual-degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice, Logan honed his craft while working with the Center for Public Deliberation and formally launched Creek Consulting in April of 2015. To connect with Logan, email him at logan@creekconsultingllc.com.


Kate Garcia, Deliberative Facilitator

A Denver, Colorado native, Kate Garcia is a passionate facilitator and process designer, who began her career in 2010 during her collegiate years at Colorado State University. A graduate of CSU’s Peace and Reconciliation Communications Program, Kate spent many years with the university’s Center for Public Deliberation, working with private and public institutions to improve approaches to problem solving by providing a holistic and inclusive context for all affected by an issue to solve it as effectively as possible. Kate works within diverse industries and issues including education, immigration and mental health.

Karina Branson, Graphic Facilitator

Karina Branson is delighted to be a visual practitioner where she is constantly learning.  Her work focuses on helping clients understand each other and expand their perspectives on the world and the systems they are working in through graphic recording & facilitation. Karina is founder and owner of ConverSketch Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation where she uses large-scale hand-drawn images and text to reflect and distill the key ideas of important conversations for her clients, in real time.

Karina’s scientific training and an innate ability to connect with people across cultures creates a unique blend of intelligences that enable her to synthesize and creatively capture meaningful content at events. She is a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and the National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation, and has been trained in facilitation and dialogue by the Center for Public Deliberation.

Her unique approach has facilitated and supported collaborative strategic planning, community engagement, innovative brainstorming and critical systems thinking to help groups move forward and into action. She has worked across academic, corporate, governmental and non-profit sectors. Her clients are local and international, including a multi-generational family of wealth; BASF; the United Nations University; the World Parks Congress; the City of Fort Collins; New Belgium Brewing; Gates Industrial; the Global Change Systems for Analysis, Research & Training and others.

Karina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Communication from Colorado State University and was awarded a National Science Foundation research assistantship to complete her Master of Science in Climate Change Communication, also at CSU. Her published research focuses on graphic recording to communicate complex science and facilitating creative communication strategies to engage citizens in climate change science. 

Karina lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband, cat and chickens.


Jed Chalupa, Deliberative Facilitator

Adding to his B.A. in Communication Studies (minor in Peace and Reconciliation), Jed Received his M.A. in Communication Studies with a Specialization in Deliberative Processes from
Colorado State University in 2018. Jed has dedicated his career towards bridging theory with practice. To further his efforts, Jed is currently continuing his education in Texas A&M’s Communication Studies Doctoral Program. Jed works within the field of dialogue and deliberation focusing on process design, quantitative data analysis, and forum evaluation. Through his work Jed actively seeks to understand and maximize the inclusion of diverse bodies and voices to maintain the health, reputation, and utility of dialogue and deliberative processes.