Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Colorado, Creek Consulting is an impartial consulting firm specializing in facilitated deliberation, community engagement and organizational strategy. Our firm aims to promote meaningful dialogue, support community and organizational engagement, and further policy conversations and multidisciplinary collaboration. To learn more about our service offerings, click here, or request a free consultation from our expert team today.


Group facilitation

Beginning with initial planning and logistics to the development of qualitative and quantitative evaluation reports, we work to deliver impartial meeting and group facilitation services that ensures thoughtful dialogue and promotes collaborative decision making. Click here to learn more.

workshop design

Tailored to meet the unique challenges of each client organization, our facilitators concentrate on delivering hands-on workshops that are practical, collaborative and high-impact. To learn more about our workshop design services, or to request a free consult, click here.


organizational strategy

From clarifying mission, vision and values, to systems improvement planning to evaluation process development, our organizational strategy services concentrate on preparing your organization for its future. Click here to learn more about our services.

Meet The CEO


Logan Steppan, CEO

A master strategist and expert facilitator, Logan Steppan —founder and CEO of Creek Consulting— developed his skills while studying at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. A Missouri-born Midwesterner with entrepreneurial roots, Logan’s passion for facilitation has long been connected to government, community and policy conversations at state, local and national levels. Armed with a dual-degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice, Logan honed his craft while working with the Center for Public Deliberation and formally launched Creek Consulting in April 2015. Reach out to him at