How Collaborating On Bright Ideas Leads To Growth

Did you know Thomas Edison was not the original inventor of the light-bulb?

The earliest known form of the light-bulb was created in 1800 by Italian inventor, Alessandro Volta. While his invention is known as the precursor to the modern battery, it is still widely regarded as the earliest forms of incandescent lighting. Volta’s invention by itself was nothing close to the light-bulb, but it paved the way for future products to be created.

There were a large variety patents that came before the modern light-bulb that helped design the product itself. Different types of electrical engines, lamps, and other electrical engineering patents helped Edison’s team design the modern light-bulb. One of the most important aspects of the light-bulb, the screw base, came from one of the inventors on Edison’s team. It didn’t come from Edison himself. Edison’s team compiled existing ideas and improved them for their own product. They didn’t start from scratch on creating revolutionary ideas; instead it was an ongoing process involving many different people to create something new.

Look at today, the light-bulb is far more advanced than the one that Edison’s team modernized. Engineering is a step by step process of creating something new through problem solving. To reinvent something does not mean to create a completely new idea that no one has ever considered before, the focus is on improvement and making the product better. This system applies to all aspects in life and business as well.

Our facilitators help your team do their best thinking by utilizing this system. Collaborating with one another can open up new ideas on how to solve problems. However, brainstorming for the sake of brainstorming will not get anyone far. More often than not, it is a complete waste of time that could be spent actually working on the problem. Having a specific unified goal can mean all the difference. Our processes can help your organization grow by conducting meetings and events that are productive and efficient. Creek Consulting LLC has the background and skill set to fix these issues by having your organization collaborate together. Edison’s goal was to create the first commercially successful light-bulb in the modern world, and Edison’s team accomplished that goal. Your organizations team can have that capability, with the right focus and guidance, to create something innovative and long lasting. Let us help your team collaborate their bright ideas together and lets help your company grow and reach that next step.