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Lets Talk Over Beers At Deli-BEER-ation

Throughout history, people have gathered at coffee shops and breweries to meet, gossip, plan, connect, and get to know one another and their neighbors better.  The next best thing has been created, the magnum opus finalized, the first step in a monumental revolution, the new earth shattering theory penned out, the budding new relationship of a long pursued love interest, and an old friendship rekindled are all things that happen at coffee shops and breweries.  There is one social taboo, however, that many people like to avoid to discuss at these locations. It’s the big one. 


Civil conversations never really happen in regards to politics anymore, especially within our own social networks. With political conversations all too often people only care about winning and aren't building relationships anymore. We rarely hold conversations about wicked issues that affect our friends, family, and our community. Even rarer is discussing these issues in an open public space. 

Why is that though? In the past a coffee shop and brewery has always been a place where people can come together and unite as a community. People have gathered at these spots and convened with their fellow neighbors since the dawn of time. They desire to actually communicate in a environment when they can relate to one another. The only reason they don’t act upon that desire,however, is because they are afraid to No one should be afraid to address their opinions on an issue that affects them.  We find that people want to have these conversations, but they just don’t have the opportunity to do so.

That is why we love to provide the opportunity for people to actually engage each other over the issues that matter. Coffee shops and breweries are staples in our community, and we love to hold conversations there. Our Deli-BEER-ation series specializes in facilitated conversations in coffee shops and breweries where we break down the social taboo of discussing politics. Deli-BEER-ation provides people the satisfaction of  connecting with your neighbors in a civil environment. Oh, and beer. The beer is great as well. 

We encourage you to come to one of our Deli-BEER-ation events. Coffee shops and breweries provide an integral service to our communities, and that is connecting neighbors together. Creek Consulting wants to expand on the good work that they do. By providing opportunities to hold discussions on difficult topics that affect us, we can connect our communities even more. 

If you have any topics that you believe need to be discussed, please let us know! If you would like to have this in your community, send us a message and we would love to facilitate our Deli-BEER-ation sessions in your neighborhood as well. 

Facilitation: What It Is, What It Isn't

Facilitation: What It Is, What It Isn't

The term facilitator gets used quite a bit. But, for the purposes of this blog post, let us define — from our perspective — what a facilitator is.

The dictionary definition states that a facilitator is someone who leads or guides a group of people towards a productive outcome. There are many out there who facilitate actions through giving advice, acting as life coach, and other ways that help individuals and groups work through their problem.

How Collaborating On Bright Ideas Leads To Growth

How Collaborating On Bright Ideas Leads To Growth

Did you know Thomas Edison was not the original inventor of the light-bulb?The earliest known form of the light-bulb was created in 1800 by Italian inventor, Alessandro Volta. While his invention is known as the precursor to the modern battery, it is still widely regarded as the earliest forms of incandescent lighting. Volta’s invention by itself was nothing close to the light-bulb, but it paved the way for future products to be created.